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So now we have a fourth site on the Earthlink web server that is hosting an phishing page.

The latest is

The phishing page has since been taken down. It’s a good thing that accounts are not the common unless you are a merchant of some kind.


Another domain using the same Earthlink web server ( as and

Phishing Email was routed through, located in Thailand via located in the UK.


I have noticed a new round of phishing attacks using fake Late Fee Warning Notices.

So far I have examined two samples and both hacked websites are hosted on the same Earthlink web server (

The two domains that are currently hosting the phishing sites are and I’ll update this post if I find any others.


I found some nice information about tuning FeeeNAS 7.x from a few sources last week.

A blog post HERE made by Learned By Error details some settings to use for tuning FreeNAS for increased network performance. That post combined with information from the FreeBSD Wiki article called ZFS Tuning Guide and a U.S. Department of Energy article called TCP Tuning Guide – FreeBSD Tuning helped me determine the optimal tuning settings for my system. Prior to the TCP settings I was only getting around 25-30 MBps between my PC and the server. Now, with the new settings, I am getting up to 80-90 MBps (bursts) with common speeds of 55-60 MBps.

Here are the settings I currently have under System -> Advanced -> sysctl.conf